Rep. Erin Zwiener (HD 45-Driftwood): Secretary

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Erin Zwiener is an author, educator, and conservationist who is currently serving her second term in the Texas House of Representatives. She’s committed to fighting for our Texas values of healthy communities, inclusivity, and common-sense government.

  • Rep. Zwiener serves on the House Committees on Natural Resources, House Administration, and Energy Resources. She is a member of the House Democratic Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, Criminal Justice Reform Caucus, Women’s Health Caucus, Texas Water Caucus, and IT Caucus. In January 2021, Rep. Zwiener established the Caucus on Climate, Environment, and the Energy Industry and currently serves as its Chair.
  • She holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation, a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and is a three-time Jeopardy! champion. She lives in Driftwood with her husband Quincy, daughter Lark, a dog, three horses, a pony, a pig, and too many chickens.