2/24/22: Trans Healthcare Joint Statement


For Immediate Release Contact: Chesley Hinds
March 1, 2023 Office: 512-463-0613

(TEXAS) ⸺ The Texas House LGBTQ Caucus, Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC), Texas Legislative Black Caucus (TxLBC), House Democratic Caucus (HDC), and Texas Women’s Health Caucus (TWHC) have joined together to condemn the latest attack on transgender children and their families by Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Caucuses have jointly issued the following statement: “Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recent attacks on vulnerable children are cruel, unconstitutional, and purely political. Neither the letter nor the opinion issued are legally binding. It is imperative to note that these actions do not carry the weight of the law but instead represent an ongoing attempt to scapegoat innocent children for political gain. Gender-affirming care for trans youth is still legal in the state of Texas and endorsed by countless major medical professional organizations, that continue to use science to establish evidence-based best practice standards of care for trans youth. No government agency is obligated to comply with the directive of the Governor or enforce the false assertions made by the Attorney General.

Additionally, there has been no change to mandatory reporting requirements. These egregious actions do, however, contribute to a dangerous campaign of misinformation that has fueled fear, discrimination, and violence, threatening the lives of children across our state. Transphobic and false statements like those made by the Governor and the Attorney General have produced an unsafe environment in our state that has forced families to flee to protect their transgender kids, adversely affected the mental health of gender expansive youth, and perpetuated an epidemic of violence against transgender Texans, especially Black trans women.

The Governor and the Attorney General have taken oaths to protect the constitution and to serve all Texans. Instead of violating the rights of families by inserting themselves into private medical decisions between patients and medical providers, these officials should be fulfilling their duty to protect all who call our state home. Together we condemn the hateful actions of the Governor and Attorney General and call on them to end their life-threatening attacks. Transgender youth belong in our state and they deserve access to the life-saving medically necessary care that they rely on. We will continue to stand with trans children and their families in the fight to protect their rights to life, health, and happiness. Our collective message for Gov. Abbott, Ken Paxton, and any official who directs political attacks at innocent Texas children is clear: Don’t mess with Texas. Don’t Mess with Trans Kids.”