10/27/21: Book Investigations in Public Schools

For Immediate Release

October 27, 2021

Contact: Marc Hoskins



AUSTIN, TX – Today, the Texas Legislative Black Caucus (TxLBC), the Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC), Legislative Study Group (LSG), House Democratic Caucus (HDC), LGBTQ Caucus, and Texas Women’s Health Caucus joined State Representative Victoria Neave, Vice Chair of the Texas House General Investigating Committee, in condemning the actions of Representative Matt Krause who is using his position as Chair of the committee to launch a baseless inquiry of the bool<S used in public school libraries and classrooms. The is yet another attack on our educators and neighborhood schools’ freedom to teach.

State Representative Neave released the following statement to which the above caucuses support:

”As Vice-Chair of the General Investigating Committee, I do not endorse the Chair’s inquiry into school books. This is yet another attempt by Republicans to censor the voices of people of color following ten months of power grabs like advancing anti-voter legislation, discriminatory redistricting maps, and censoring what educators teach in school. Republicans are committed to whitewashing our history in an era where communities of color fueled explosive population growth in our diverse state.

Now more than ever, educators should be empowered to offer students literature and resources to inspire them with the knowledge that they are not alone in the challenges ahead. Instead, we are once-again reviving past wedge issues at the expense of educating our next generation of leaders and wasting taxpayers dollars.”

Download this press release:

10/27/21: Joint Statement on Book Investigations in Public Schools